Que faire de Simple How to cook fresh vegetables simply nowadays

English version of the french best seller cook book QUE FAIRE DE SIMPLE AVEC LES LEGUMES FRAIS. Edition Chronoprint


This guide presents many of the most popular vegetables, 48 vegetarian recipes, 24 vegan recipes.
More than 400 beautiful pictures illustrate 100+ easy-to-make dishes to help you EAT WELL every day.
Each recipe is accompagnied by ingredients picture, and step by step pictures to follow and achieve the recipe very simply.

Asparagus, Bell peppers, Cabbage, Cucumber, Pumpkin, Tomatoe, Zucchini…and more fresh vegetables for achieve Annabelle’s french recipes and eat well every day.

Annabelle and Arnold are 2 french famous cook books authors. They’ve writing 6 cook books the ten last years.
This book  » Easy and Healthy ways to prepare fresh vegetables » has been adapted after the french success of their first book « QUE FAIRE DE SIMPLE AVEC LES LEGUMES FRAIS ».

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